The Big Park Project: easyfundraising

Fundraise for us while you shop

Have you seen the progression of phase one of the new playground? It looks like a mound of earth currently, but fingers crossed it will be finished before Christmas! In just a few weeks you should see a huge transformation.

So, to phase two. We are in lockdown, meaning many people will do be doing their Christmas shopping online. Did you know that while you are doing this, you could actually be raising money to pay for the next lot of playground equipment? Head to and click ‘support this cause’. It is super easy to create an account and from that point on, when you start your shopping all you need to do is click on the retailer on the easyfundraising website and when you make a purchase, we will get a donation! They also have an app if you prefer shopping on your mobile.

We get it can be hard to remember to go through a website and find the retailer you are looking for every time you shop. But that is why easyfundraising has a helpful Chrome extension you can add specifically to act as a reminder – so if you spot you are about to buy something, just click on the extension, do a quick search to find the shop and it will take you there meaning your donation will be counted if you make a purchase.

It takes just a couple of minutes to do and will mean many of your presents this year will also provide a little present to us. All of those donations can quickly add up and will help us to finish phase 2. Thank you all!