Phase 1 due Autumn 2020!

On Monday 10 August Coggeshall Parish Council held a meeting to discuss the Big Park Project as it now has half the money to place an order. We are incredibly excited to announce that the Council agreed to place the first order for the playground and building works should commence very shortly 🎉🎉🎉! We would have loved to have been able to see the project done in one go, but with COVID-19, so much was put on hold. Getting half done this year is going to be a real achievement. The details still need to be confirmed and the order has to actually be signed, but this is all procedure now.

For this order, some of the money is from the council, other funds are from a grant and the rest are donations or from our fundraising events – thank you to everyone who has helped out in some way, whether it is a direct donation or going to one of our events.

It was great to have such support for the project and we thank the Council for this. As the final details are worked out we will provide updates and hopefully a timeline. However, the new equipment should be installed before Christmas so by the time the cold and wet weather sets in (hard to imagine right now), there will be fantastic equipment not sitting in boggy ground!

On the rest of the project, we are going to keep going with the fundraising and grant applications and we hope to raise the final outstanding amount next year. Once this figure has been reached, then the rest of the equipment can be installed. This won’t be a finished job for us as we also have plans for the fencing and landscaping around the equipment… but more on that in 2021 or even 2022 😊.