Phase 1 complete and open!

Phase one of the Big Park Project is now complete and the park is fully open once again! It has only taken around four weeks and the new equipment from playground company Proludic is fantastic. This makes up the junior section, with the toddler and inclusive sections to be completed when we complete the next stage of fundraising.

We are so thrilled with the results and can see the community is too. We have had fantastic feedback and already people are travelling to Coggeshall specifically to use the playground. This has been a long, hard project to get started and to see half of it finished, and during a pandemic (!), is something that we take such pride in. There have been many people involved in our group over the years and we are so grateful to each and every one.

Furthermore, this would not have been possible without funding from Coggeshall Parish Council, Enovert Community Foundation and community fundraising events and donations. Some of our donations have come in quite significant figures from individuals who wish to remain anonymous as for them, it isn’t about the money they are giving – it is about the end result, which is an amazing playground for children to play in for years to come.

Outgoing Coggeshall Parish Council Chairman, Jochen Culemann, says “The Big Park Project Fundraising Group has helped the Parish Council to make this fantastic project a reality. A big thank you to those who have been and still are involved in that project. We are looking forward to seeing the results of this first stage of the project. This playground means so much to many families in Coggeshall and the new equipment will provide an exciting and more inclusive play space. Its importance cannot be underestimated especially in the present difficult times”.

So thank you to everyone who has helped make this playground a reality, we hope you enjoy it and please continue supporting us to get the second phase done!

Help us finish the second phase of the Big Park Project and make a donation to the project today.

You can pay us directly to our fundraising bank account with these details:

Bank account name: Coggeshall Big Park Project Fundraising Group
Sort code: 20-19-97
Account: 43023893

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