Make & Grow Show and Eco Fair

In anticipation of the end of the current crisis and to celebrate our community and environment, the Coggeshall Big Park Fundraising Group is planning a Make & Grow Show on September 13th 2020.

We had hoped to do a whole weekend of events with a separate eco fair, but sadly this just isn’t possible with COVID-19. Instead, we are combining the eco fair into this event so there will be a range of stalls, a couple of environmental talks, music and also food by the Coggeshall Catering Company. The format of the produce show part of this event will remain but the categories have had to be slightly limited – for example, there will sadly be no jams or drinks categories! We still think we can put on a great show and hopefully, this is the start of a new annual tradition.

Keep checking back on this page for updates as we will be posting more information as we get further along with the organisation of the events.

Given the current circumstances, this is a little trickier than usual so please bear with us!

You can also share any ideas and pictures of what you are growing over on our Facebook page. If you want more information, send us an email at [email protected].

Classes at the Make & Grow Show will include:

  • Basket of vegetables
  • Three apples
  • The heaviest pumpkin
The longest carrot
  • The ugliest vegetable
  • A rose in a vase
A vase of mixed flowers
  • Rainbow art
Funniest cresshead
  • Coggeshall rocks
  • Local landscape paintings
  • Wildlife art
  • *Four scones
  • *Showstopper cake
*Decorated cupcake
  • *Bread

More detail on all of these categories can be found below, but please note that starred items may have to be judged solely on looks due to COVID-19.

We will publish more detail on the timings but it is expected that entries will need to be dropped off between 9.30am and 11am to then be judged. This will allow us to manage how many people are on site at a time.

Cards will be placed next to the winning items at around 12noon and we will award the rosettes to the winners at 2.30pm.

Basket of vegetables

The basket can contain a mixture of between three and ten vegetables. Pick your best ones and don’t go for quantity over quality as three excellent vegetables may be scored more highly than nine average ones! We are looking for good shape, colour and weight.

Three apples

Any apples of your choice, either the same or different types. They should have no marks, be a great shape and a good size. They don’t have to be the biggest but should be decent enough to eat or cook with.

The heaviest pumpkin

The scales will decide the result of this one!

The longest carrot

Judges will have their measuring tapes out.

The ugliest vegetable

Entirely subjective and down to our judges, but we are looking for weird roots, funny bulges and generally odd shapes. If it looks like something other than a vegetable, even better.

A rose in a vase

We are looking for a single excellent rose in a vase. You will have the vase returned to you, simply make sure you note the number of your entry! Please don’t bring any heirlooms or anything valuable, just in case it gets knocked over.

A vase of mixed flowers

As with the above, please avoid any precious vases. We would like to see between three and ten flowers in a vase and they should all be of excellent quality. Judges will be considering colour, shape, scent and style.

Rainbow art

Everyone has done a fabulous job of creating beautiful art during lockdown. We would like to provide prizes for different age categories:

  • 0-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-18

If you would like to donate your art, we also hope to turn this into a larger piece of art to mark this period in Coggeshall’s history and hopefully have it displayed somewhere locally. When you submit the art, please ask for it to be marked as either for donation or to be returned.

Funniest cresshead

You can create your cresshead in whatever you like – an egg carton, eggshell, yoghurt pot etc. We are looking for some creative flair!

Coggeshall rocks

We have seen some incredible rocks scattered around Coggeshall over the past few years. Paint a new one and after the event, they will be put placed across Coggeshall for everyone to continue to enjoy.

Local landscape paintings

We are asking artists of all abilities to produce an A3 drawing or painting in the medium of your choice of a landscape or detail of Coggeshall’s landscape or wildlife. The subject area can be anywhere within the purple line on this aerial view, or the view from this area looking out, or finally looking into this area from outside. For those who don’t know, this is the area shortly to be put in for planning permission by Blackwater Aggregates/Environment Agency to be quarried over 20 years and the river dammed for flood mitigation. Your artwork will be displayed on our website after the show, copies will be sent to the Environment Agency and will also be returned to you.

To help people out we have asked local photographers to take their daily exercise around this area and take some photographs for you to work from if you yourself are unable to get out. Please feel free to save these photos below or choose your own subject and please tell us where your subject was taken from.  We can’t wait to see the results!

Local wildlife art

To help showcase to the Environment Agency what they already should know about Coggeshall, we would like artists to create a piece of art (in whatever medium you choose) to represent some of the local wildlife. Whether it is an otter you have seen, a beautiful bird or a stunning deer roaming the fields, please submit it. As with the local landscapes category, we will display a photo on our website and send a copy to the Environment Agency. All your artwork will be returned to you.

This category is for adults and children – we will be awarding prizes for the following age groups:

  • 0-11
  • 12-15
  • 16+

Four scones

We are looking for four scones on a paper (recyclable plate). While judges may not be able to taste them, they will be looking at colour, consistency and crumb.

Showstopper cake

Our judges will be looking for an incredible cake. Remember quality over quantity so don’t worry about how many tiers it has – think about decoration, style and shape. It will be cut open to see the quality and any decoration inside, but may not be tasted.

Decorated cupcake

Love cake decorating but want to do it on a smaller scale than the showstopper? Here is a category for you. We want a cupcake (size doesn’t matter) that is beautifully decorated. It can have a theme or just be intricately detailed. We will leave that up to you.

This category is for adults and children – we will be awarding prizes for the following age groups:

  • 0-5
  • 6-10
  • 11-15
  • 16+


Many of you have been baking during lockdown to avoid a trip to the shops or learn something new. Show us what new skills you have and provide bread in whatever form you want – baguette, bap, barm, stotty, sourdough etc. The list goes on and we hope you will show us some variety in the entries!


For any questions at all about the categories, please email [email protected] Below are some answers to a few recent questions we have had.

Q: What will it cost to submit an entry into a category for the show?

A: Nothing. This is the first year we are doing this and we want as many people to be able to enter as is possible. We don’t want to put anyone off with a cost, especially as we know some people may want to enter a few different categories. It’s been a tough few months for many people and we would love this to be a fun event where you don’t have to spend money. If you would like to give us some money as a donation then we will have our fundraising buckets out.

Q: Do I need to tell you ahead of the event if I am going to enter anything?

A: Nope! We will admit that telling us would be helpful so we have an idea of numbers, but we appreciate for some people it might be a last-minute decision. Especially if you pull up a promising looking carrot to find it is only a couple of cm long. So we would love to hear if you are going to submit an entry, but you can just turn up on the day to submit it.

Q: How will social distancing work at the event?

A: We have put together a plan as to how this event will run safely and once we finalise this, we will be able to share it in full. As a bit of a summary, we are going to spread tables out for the show and have a few volunteers to register each entry to ensure everything goes smoothly. Volunteers might also help to direct people if we think that social distancing isn’t being followed. We will put the rosettes on the winning items after the judging for everyone to see. When it comes to announcing the results, the winner will be asked to come up to collect their item with the rosette so there is no contact involved.


The list of confirmed stalls is growing and we can now announce some of the fantastic organisations and individuals who will be at the event:

A free community book exchange located on Myneer Park in Coggeshall: inspiring readers of all ages to share, swap, and discover books in a sustainable and inclusive way.

Reconnecting children with nature through nature based outdoor activities

Offering advice and support to those interested in reusable cloth nappies and provide trial hire kits.

Say NO to the QUARRY and the destruction of our lovely environment

To stimulate an interest in and to represent the members of the Society in conservation, planning, amenity and associated matters concerning the civil parish of Coggeshall and its environs.

Community grass roots groups that discusses and acts on the environment in our villages ,supporting each other on recycling and the changes that we make in our daily lives

The project aims to develop a safe cycle way from Earls Colne to Coggeshall and then from Coggeshall to Kelvedon. A longer term aim is to connect this to local towns and to the national cycling network of which it will become a part.

  • Eco House

The widest range of spirits and liqueurs all made from East Anglian sugar beet. Distilled here in Essex in small batch copper pot stills.

  • Frasers Pots

A local potter making domestic ware, particularly centre table bowls.

Upcycled eco home essentials and alternatives to single use plastic.

Hair of the Dog serves the canine community stylish unique dog wear and accessories that have been ethically sourced from artisan suppliers and are exclusive to us.

Headroom is a unique space where your mind can rest and your body relax whilst we practice guided meditation and mindfulness.

Our vision is to create kind, confident and connected communities through the power of food

Handmade silver and mixed media jewellery, made in Coggeshall

Reusable face wipes etc.

World-class visitor attraction, wedding and events venue in a beautiful heritage landscape in 2,350 acres of Essex countryside.

Customisable ink illustrations of the local areas, perfect for gifts

From a vegetable patch at home, to separate Retail Plant Centre and Production Nursery sites, Olivers Plants has built a reputation for ‘Quality Plants at Reasonable Prices’.

Parishes Against Rivenhall Incinerator

Local community group working to remove single-use plastic from our businesses, schools, groups and natural environment.

A low waste eco refill store.

Route51 Cycle Project, e-bike repairs and maintenance

Coggeshall children’s initiative selling t shirts to raise money for environmental charities.

A small, private dental practice who believe in finding innovative ways to minimise our impact on the environment.

Your Great Adventures is a small, independent travel agency working from home in Coggeshall, Essex. We are a franchise of Explorer Travel who are a member of Hays Independence group meaning we have the support and backing of the largest independent travel agency in the country. With many travel companies committing to Responsible and Sustainable travel, we have access to many types of holidays. From carbon positive small groups tours to bespoke, tailor made safari itineraries and so much more in-between, Your Great Adventures works with you and for you on a one to one basis, giving you the best possible personal service and finding you your preferred travel arrangements.