Coggeshall Big Park Project Fundraising shop - now live!

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Want to support the project and get something incredible in return? You now can with our new online shop!

We had some enamel mugs available at the Make & Grow Show / Eco Fair and they sold out within the first hour. We started a pre-order list immediately as we had people coming up to us and asking us to do more. Once we had enough interest to know we could cover our costs, we placed an order for 50. These were quickly reserved, so we increased it to 100 – nearly all were pre-ordered just using Facebook and Instagram within about 48 hours of posting about them.

So… we decided we wanted to go one step further.

We’ve been working behind the scenes, figuring out what products people might like, what will give us a good return on our investment and creating this online shop as a way to easily sell the items.

We are SO excited about this. COVID means we have had to pause or cancel all of our events, but this gives us an opportunity to keep raising money.

With Christmas fast approaching, our items not only support the Big Park Project, but they also give everyone a chance to buy friends and family a lovely present that means a little bit more.

You can either get free delivery within Coggeshall, pick them up for free from 33 Church Street OR pay a small delivery fee to get them sent in the post anywhere in the UK.

So whether you are local and want to show some love for Coggeshall, or you moved away but want something to remind you of our wonderful village, then get shopping!