BPP featured in The Observer

This weekend we were featured in an article about the current state of funding for playgrounds. We were thrilled to get a chance to speak about the Big Park Project, even if it was to explain how we are having to seek out a lot of the funding ourselves.

The article talks about how there is a funding crisis across the play sector and highlights that local authorities aren’t rebuilding or maintaining playgrounds due to budget cuts. While the past year has highlighted how important play is for child development, particularly now after children have been so isolated, sadly there is simply not the public funding to provide decent facilities.

As a result, many other groups like ours are attempting to find the money for playgrounds themselves. We have been incredibly lucky to get the first phase of equipment installed and to also be over halfway to the second phase. Less than £30k to go and we can ensure there is equipment for any child of any ability to play on.

If you want to help us finish off the project, you can always donate – it is so easy to do and every donation is making a difference!