A skate ramp for Coggeshall

In the past month we have become aware of the possibility of a skate ramp being explored for Coggeshall.

The Coggeshall Big Park Project Fundraising Group is in full support of the concept of a skate ramp for the village subject to the community being in favour of it. It would provide recreation for a demographic that is underrepresented in the leisure facilities currently available, and core to our very existence is the belief amongst our members that there should be high quality and free recreation available to everyone, regardless of age or ability.

We have been approached about helping with this project financially and we regret that we are currently unable to assist in this way. We are happy to assist in other ways to see how this idea can progress and will discuss this as a group further.

While we are now technically registered as a Community Interest Company with the aim of developing wider recreation facilities in the town for all groups, completing this process has been delayed by the pandemic. We cannot yet take our first formal steps as a CIC. We are still bound by the Constitution we wrote in 2019, which, in its Aim, limits the Group’s work to the improvement of the playground equipment on the East Street Recreation Ground. Further, all monies raised to date have been raised to further that Aim and cannot be spent on other projects.

In the medium to long term we see projects like a skate ramp as the kind of project that we would seek to support.


Jemma, Anna and Peter

Coggeshall Big Park Project Fundraising Group Management Committee

January 2021