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Big Park Project

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About us

We are an independent fundraising group, separate to the Parish Council, set up with the aim to raise money for Coggeshall's Big Park Project, an ambitious project to raise £150k for the renovation of the playground on East Street Recreation Ground.

The first phase of the project is complete and the second phase of the equipment will be finished either at the end of 2021 or early 2022. Coggeshall Parish Council has been supporting the project and helping with grant applications, but we have also had incredible community support, which has really helped to demonstrate why this playground is needed.

This group will hold events and take direct donations online to support the Parish Council as these are activities they are unable to do. All the money raised by this group will go directly to the Big Park Project.

Get involved

We are a small group made up mostly of parents living in Coggeshall. Some of us have been involved in the Big Park Project for a few years, and some are new to this. All of us understand how important the project is for the children in Coggeshall but also to the community itself. It will bring more people to our lovely area, which in turn can support local businesses.

If you want to get involved then send us a message. Whatever you can do to help would be much appreciated, whether it is simply helping post leaflets advertising events or actually supporting us in running an event.

Take a look at our online shop

Earlier this year our main focus on fundraising in the community was through events but COVID obviously put a pause on those plans. So we had to pivot! We decided to create an online shop with a limited range of printed items including mugs, bags and prints. They’ve been so successful and we are going to keep adding to our shop throughout the coming months.

Take a look at what we have and maybe you can even do some of your Christmas shopping on our website! Local items for a local cause – perfect.

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Latest news

Our rebrand: Coggeshall Parks & Recreation

Big news – we are rebranding and changing our focus to look more broadly at recreation within Coggeshall. Read our post to find out more.

How much we have raised

We are so excited to say we have now hit our target for the second phase of equipment! You can head to our news page to find out more but you can see on this thermometer how we got there.

The final stage of the Big Park Project is to update the fencing and add more landscaping as we want to extend the fence to provide more shade and seating that can be accessed directly from the Rec, and not the playground. This will ensure that anyone in the community can enjoy the space. We are going to soon start gathering quotes for this stage so any money we have in our account leftover from paying Proludic for the equipment will go to this work. As many of you will know, the cost of materials has skyrocketed in the past year so we are going to keep up with our fundraising activities.

If you want to help us reach our goal, you can make a donation online either through Stripe, BACs or PayPal. You can also buy an item from our online shop

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